Dolcefino Consulting gets results

For more than twenty-five years, Wayne Dolcefino has been one of the most feared names in Texas television.

As head of the KTRK-TV abc13 national award winning "13 Undercover" unit, Dolcefino exposed public corruption, cover-ups, charity fraud, and the waste of taxpayer money.

He knows how to dig...and what to dig for.

Wouldn't you want him on your side?

Wayne Dolcefino has now formed a unique consulting company, combining his decades of investigative and journalistic experience.

Press Releases

Wayne helps his clients in the media...from a software company trumpeting its success, to whistle blowers in a federal criminal investigation. Versatility and credibility. See the clients who have benefited from Dolcefino Consulting.

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Wayne in the News

Wayne doesn't shy away from making news when his clients want a public fight. They don't call it Wartime Communications for nothing. When you've been the "Undercover Man" on TV for 27 years, you get results.

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When you hire Wayne Dolcefino and Dolcefino Consulting, you get instant media attention. See the eight ways Wayne and Dolcefino Consulting can help you with now.

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