Hall reponds to Republican party attack

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Every woman in Harris County should be outraged at the attack on Ben Hall by the Harris County Republican party. So should every member of every congregation from Second Baptist to the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. So should every true fiscal conservative.

Instead of attacking the tax raising HERO supporting Sylvester Turner, Adrian Garcia or Chris Bell, they put out a blatantly false attack ad out on Hall.

Ben Hall is the ONLY candidate, Democrat or Republican, who has been opposed to the HERO ordinance from the very beginning, long before the campaign began for Houston Mayor, long before the court put it on the November ballot.

Ben Hall has been crystal clear. He is opposed to discrimination, but he believes the proposed Houston ordinance is intentionally dangerous. Whoever put this nonsense out knows that.

“Men are not going to be allowed in restrooms and showers with our wives and daughters, Period,” says Hall.

The so called Republicans in the race refuse to say they will vote against HERO. They refuse to rule out higher taxes.

Republican voters do have a real choice in November, but it is not Bill King or Steve Costello. They will not make the runoff. Only Ben Hall has a chance to form a coalition of faith voters and fiscal conservatives to keep compromised career politicians out of office.

That is the choice.

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