The Houston Chronicle’s Ken Hoffman profiles Wayne Dolcefino


Make sure to pick up a copy of the Houston Chronicle or read it online to see columnist Ken Hoffman’s great profile on Wayne Dolcefino:

He left the station in 2012, after nearly three decades, winning literally dozens of local Emmy Awards for rooting out corruption and exposing wasteful spending. And making loyal fans and powerful enemies along the way. It’s part of the deal.

“I am president of a thriving communications firm called Dolcefino Consulting. We are a war time company doing investigations, media and political work,” he said.
Does he miss being on TV news?

“I miss it a lot, but it is pretty clear that the days of real investigative reporting on Houston TV are over, not because of the journalists, but because the TV stations that used to pride themselves on exposing corruption got plain chicken,” he said.

“My company isn’t chicken, because I’m the boss.” READ THE REST