State Bar grievance filed in Menger divorce

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There is a growing number of complaints to the State Bar of Texas these days in high stakes, big money Houston divorce cases.  Lots of folks complaining about lawyer and Judge misconduct.

The latest may be in the contentious divorce between Sherry and Marek Menger. Marek Menger was forced out as President of the company Petro-Valve Inc., on allegations he was treating the company as his “personal piggy” bank.

Sherry Menger has now filed grievances with the State Bar of Texas against two of her husband’s divorce lawyers, Michael Bynane and Carlos Ryerson.   The lawyers have colorful pasts. Bynane has been named in a bulletin called Fraud Alerts International. Ryerson got in trouble for allegedly misusing charity funds.

Dolcefino Consulting has an ongoing investigation into the Harris County Family Court System, lawyers, judges, and the money being made on ugly divorce cases and child custody cases.

We continue to ask for folks who think they have an outrageous legal bill in family court to send them to Dolcefino Consulting.

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