Taxpayer footing mounting bill in Cypress Creek EMS FBI probe


For more than two years the FBI has been probing evidence of fraud and campaign corruption in Cypress Creek EMS. The federal investigation includes a review of the campaigns of three safety commissioners in ESD #11 who are elected to police the multi-million-dollar ambulance contract.

Now we know the mounting cost of the FBI scandal.

Legal invoices released by the ESD#11 reveal five law firms have billed more than $105,000 dealing with the grand jury investigation by the FBI. That does not include hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by CCEMS to fight the FBI, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Dolcefino Consulting.

The ESD 11 Commissioners recently voted to have you pay another $13,000 to reimburse Commissioners for their personal criminal defense bills, even though the feds are investigating their failure to report in kind contributions by CCEMS during the last election. I

It is a violation of federal law for a charity like CCEMS to get involved in the political election, but documents show CCEMS employees helped run the campaign for their favored candidates.

“This is out of control. Taxpayers are getting robbed. The Harris County Attorney should move to remove these commissioners from office,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “The notion that CCEMS helped elect the people who are supposed to watchdog taxpayer money is just insane. It must not stand.”

Cypress Creek already faces a criminal trial in April for refusing to turn over payroll records.

“CCEMS wants taxpayers to pay the salaries, but they won’t tell you who you are paying and why,” says Dolcefino. “The ESD’s failure to stop this is pure negligence. That is grounds for removal.”

CCEMS Executive Director, Brad England, also faces mounting allegations of sexual harassment. Two years ago, Dolcefino Consulting showed England wining and dining on charity money that could have been used to buy medical supplies.

The latest ESD # 11 meeting is this Thursday, in Spring.