The Lockhart Post Register should be ashamed


Open the latest edition of any newspaper, and you can clearly see it’s election season.

Advertisements of all sizes.

Check out the latest edition of the Lockhart Post Register. Political ads everywhere.

So why is the Caldwell County’s newspaper censoring Dolcefino Consulting, refusing our money to help educate voters on the proposed 17- story garbage dump and where the politicians stand?

It is no secret we have been investigating Green Group for years for a landowner in Hempstead, exposing questionable engineering and secret political meetings. In Caldwell County, we can now prove that some county commissioners were chatting with Green Group even while spending taxpayer’s money to fight them in court.

We created a political flyer, and a full-page, non-partisan, informational advertisement designed specifically to let voters know where the candidates for Caldwell County Judge and Commissioners Court stand on the landfill.

We reached out to all the candidates for County Judge and Commissioners Court, either by phone, email or both, and asked them two simple questions.

If elected to office, would you vote for or against the 130 Environmental Park, and why?
The current Lockhart siting ordinance prohibits building a landfill on the proposed 130 Environmental Park site. If elected to office, would you vote to defend the ordinance as it’s currently written, why or why not?

We gathered their responses, and photographs, and called the Lockhart Post Register to verify the price, size and deadline requirements for a full-page ad.

Dana Garrett of the Post Register now refuses to run the ad and says he can’t tell us why. It does not endorse any particular candidate, but simply identifies their history and positions on the dump.

When we asked Mr. Garrett how we could change it, he hung up on us!

“Everyone knows a garbage dump in Caldwell County isn’t needed and will affect the health and safety of folks for years to come,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “You would think the local newspaper would welcome diverse ads, but they don’t. Their bias is showing. The newspaper has been promoting the idea of a garbage dump. Wonder how much money they have made from the garbage guys?”