Brazil kidnapping case exposes Baylor College of Medicine

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Dr. Christopher Brann, Associate Professor of Medicine at Baylor, accused of putting his patients at Ben Taub Hospital in danger

Dr. Christopher S. Brann, MD

Dr. Christopher S. Brann, MD

Dr. Christopher Brann is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and a doctor at Ben Taub Hospital.

Now, Dolcefino Consulting has new documents exposing deep problems with the Houston doctor at the center of the Brazil kidnapping drama.

His wife, Marcelle Guimaraes, fled to Brazil in July 2013 with her son Nico and never returned, sparking an international custody battle between Texas and Brazil.

Brann has become a sympathetic figure in the media and with politicians as he has waged an expensive public relations campaign to get his son back and have her family punished.

The mother at the center of the case has broken her silence after five years in an hour-long interview with Wayne Dolcefino, the longtime investigative journalist and President of Houston-based Dolcefino Consulting, an investigative communications firm.

The Dr. Brann accusations

Marcelle Guimaraes

Marcelle Guimaraes

She details years of documented physical violence by the Houston doctor. Now she has warned that Dr. Brann has put patients who saw the doctor at Ben Taub Hospital in danger.

“He would take advantage, really, of his position at Baylor to see them in bad situations and to sexually take advantage of these patients,” said Guimaraes.

Legal documents that detail some of the alleged violence and sex addiction came out during Brann’s divorce, including a personal journal that should have raised alarm bells at Baylor and Ben Taub. The journal shows Brann used the medical college’s internet system to watch pornography.

Now, emails obtained by Dolcefino Consulting showed Brann was sexually triggered by female medical exams, especially on young women.

When Dolcefino Consulting obtained the sexually explicit documents, we decided that the public had a right to know what has been going on.

The Baylor College of Medicine reaction

We notified Baylor College of Medicine about the bizarre behavior happening under their nose, but their response to our attempt to protect patients was shocking.

The next day, Dolcefino Consulting received a call from Dr. Brann’s attorney, who detailed our conversation with Baylor security the day before.

The medical school issued this statement after we complained about their conduct.

“BCM ensures that all faculty and staff adhere to the college’s policies and code of conduct. The College does not comment on personal issues that do not involve the college,” said Baylor spokeswoman Lori Williams.

“I find it outrageous that when I called Baylor about very disturbing documents in an attempt to protect vulnerable medical patients, they chose to protect their own employee instead of the patients who have been put in danger,” said Wayne Dolcefino.

The truth is that Baylor has a growing public relations crisis on their hands when it comes to their doctors.

Just last month, Shafeeq Sheikh, a former doctor for Baylor, was convicted for raping a heavily sedated patient while on the job.

Our call to Baylor about Dr. Brann came just days before the verdict.

Now Baylor’s Dr. Christopher Brann is accused by his ex-wife of using his position at the hospital to explore his fantasies and see women naked, including his patients.

Let Dolcefino Consulting know

Our latest investigative report on the Brazilian kidnapping case is now available on Dolcefino Consulting’s Facebook page as part of our widening Family Injustice Investigation. You can also see it on Our first broadcast has triggered major news coverage in Brazil.

“We have now publicly called on the Justice Department to tell Houstonians whether they knew about this evidence of domestic violence and possible sexual threats to patients when they decided to pursue criminal charges against the Guimaraes family,” said Wayne Dolcefino. “We call on the jurors in the Guimaraes case to come forward to tell us if they would have voted differently if they knew the whole story.”

Nico’s grandparents will be sentenced in October after their conviction in Houston federal court for aiding and abetting the kidnapping. They face a possible prison sentence.

For further information on breaking news in this international drama, please call Wayne Dolcefino at his office at 713-360-6911.

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