The campaign in Caldwell County


New campaign reports are in from Caldwell County and they show Republican Hoppy Haden only has thirty dollars left in the bank in

his campaign to be the County Judge, just days before early voting begins.
Haden’s campaign treasurer is Amelia Smith.

A reminder of Haden’s curious conduct in the fight over the 17- story tall Highway 130 garbage dump. Haden says he’s against the dump, but both Smith and Haden were the original organizers of a group called “Growth and Progress” in Caldwell County, that argued FOR the dump as “economic development.”

The Lockhart Chamber of Commerce fought to keep Haden’s emails about the dump secret, and Haden was one of the commissioners who voted to end the legal fight with Green Group. Haden has yet to explain why he fought the release of the records.

“As a member of Commissioners Court Hoppy Haden allowed more than $100,000 to be spent fighting the simple release of public records”, says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “This election should be about transparency.”

Democrat Alfred Munoz is opposed to the dump.

We found this interesting on Haden’s campaign website, “We will be facing infrastructure challenges which will include roads, sewer and water supply issues. I believe my background in construction and environmental issues makes me uniquely qualified to help manage the challenges that will be faced by our county in the future. I promise to lead Caldwell County with integrity, honesty and ethics and I humbly ask you for your vote.”

Haden is expected Thursday at an important campaign event called “Caldwell County Meet the Candidates.” It will be held at the First Baptist Church connection center located at 200 S Blanco St.

See you there, Hoppy…