Family Injustice: The victims win one


On Election Night, Harris County voters sent a clear message to the Judges of the Family Courts.

Remember the victims in divorce cases. Remember the children whose lives are turned upside down. They are more important than the lawyer’s invoices.

Democrats swept the judicial races, but the margins were especially noticeable for 308th District Judge James Lombardino. His failures to disclose conflicts of interests with some family lawyers was unforgivable.

Melanie Flowers was rejected as a Judge in the 257 th District Court. In the days before the election, her role in a contentious Houston divorce case came under fire.

A credit union called for an investigation of Flowers after they busted her using a high priced luxury car she was allowed to hold onto by Lombardino’s court only as collateral.

Victims of Family Injustice have turned to Dolcefino Consulting to launch investigations at the courthouse to level the playing field, expose conflicts of interest, question relationships that tilt the scale of justice.

In the final weeks, before they turn in their robes, some of these departing Judges can do a lot of damage, providing favors to the lawyers they may seek jobs from or cases to sustain them in their next chapter.

We will be watching. We will also be watching to see what lawyers funded the Judges coming on to the bench.

This is a time to finish the clean-up, to end the stain. Sadly, the conduct of the last few years may convince others they can find another weak judicial link. We stand ready to help our clients expose that too.

Tuesday’s election proved something else. We should not elect Judges on a partisan basis.

We lost some good honest, ethical Judges last night.

Judge David Farr comes to mind. A Family District Court Judge who had called out lawyer misconduct. He shouldn’t lose an election because he is an R or a D. It happens too often.

Tell your legislators we need to end the partisan election of Judges. We need to find the best legal and ethical minds to be the arbitrators of justice in our courts.

The victims of Family Injustice deserve it.