Battle over Leach records returns to Lubbock


The 7th Court of Appeals in Amarillo will not punish Texas Tech for the games the university has played in the effort to cover up the truth in the Mike Leach case.

Yes, I said cover up.

“The opinion from Justice Judy Parker is a blow to the public right to know and an invitation to state universities to continue to play an arrogant game of duck and weave,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “It only prolongs the fight to get to the truth, but we will get there. Red Raider donors, parents, students and taxpayers deserve it.”

Now the legal battle heads back to Judge Bill Sowder’s court in Lubbock.

The Appeals Court ruling said we couldn’t prove Tech lied when it claimed it had no “completed investigation” in the Leach case. The court also bought Tech’s claim it had no financial ledger detailing the money spent by the university football team.


“We had argued Tech completed the Leach investigation when they stopped working on it nearly a decade ago and had to release the documents they created. Tech argued it never completed an investigation, but how do they claim there are no records when we know there are.


Dolcefino Consulting has already proven Texas Tech lied to its donors and fans when they promised a full investigation when they fired the winningest coach in school history. We now know the university destroyed at least some of the records, and we know they are still hiding more. Emails we do have show Tech officials insulted angry fans at the time.

“We will soon ask Judge Sowder to let us take the sworn depositions of Tech Counsel Ronny Wall and Charlotte Bingham, whose records the school continues to hide,” says Dolcefino. “Wall’s conduct is atrocious, he refuses to even tell us what he’s done to preserve the records in this fight.”

Tech isn’t just hiding records in the Leach case. They are fighting to keep secret football financial records, evidence of sexual assault and harassment on the campus in Lubbock, and even documents detailing how much school money was lost in the Bernie Madoff scandal.

“The only real losers in this ongoing public records fight are the donors, the parents, the students and the fans of Red Raider football,” says Dolcefino. “This is also unfair to Matt Wells, the new football coach. Instead of telling the whole truth and paying Mike Leach what the school owes him, Texas Tech officials would rather force yet another coach to try to win with the curse of the pirate over his head.”