Texas Tech hit with criminal complaint in Leach fight

Pay Coach Leach

Dolcefino Consulting is calling for a criminal investigation into destruction of public records by Texas Tech University.

Fans and alumni deserve to know the whole story of why Mike Leach was fired as Head Coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team just days after the winningest season in school history. Texas Tech has been fighting to keep records of the Leach investigation secret for years.

In late 2017, Dolcefino Consulting found e-mails revealing a lot of the communications about Leach were located in a shared file.  We asked to see the contents of the file and were told it no longer existed.  By then, Dolcefino Consulting had already filed a lawsuit against Texas Tech over the secrecy surrounding the withholding of records related to the Leach case, including e-mails sent by former Chancellor Kent Hance.

“Texas Tech officials have a history of fighting requests for public information. Deleting these records amounts to a cover-up, ”says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, “Does the actions of Texas Tech amount to destruction of public records? It’s the District Attorney’s duty to find out.”

Texas Tech fired Mike Leach in December 2009 after claiming he mistreated a player who suffered a concussion. But if the university is so sure Leach deserved to be fired, why is Texas Tech deleting emails and documents about the coach that the public lawfully should know about? It makes no sense to destroy evidence that supports the university’s claim that Leach should be fired. Yet, that’s precisely what Texas Tech is telling us.

“Texas Tech is tampering with physical evidence if they destroyed the files in that pathway,” Dolcefino said, “I’m requesting the Lubbock County District Attorney’s Office opens a criminal investigation into the actions of Senior Associate General Counsel Ronny Wall because he is the official custodian of the school’s records.

Monday morning, February 4, 2019, Dolcefino Consulting is filing a formal criminal complaint and sworn affidavit supporting the complaint with the Lubbock County District Attorney

Donors, parents, students and fans of Red Raider football will continue to lose as long as Texas Tech officials deny the public the truth.  The University used the firing to cheat Leach out of 2.5 million dollars in owed pay. Supporters of the coach believe the University has suffered the Curse of the Pirate ever since then.

Leach was named one of the American Football Coaches Association’s 2018 National Coach of the Year recipient for his dramatic winning season at Washington State.

Meanwhile, Texas Tech was firing yet another unsuccessful coach. The school has not had as single season that was better than any of the seasons under Leach, since he left ten years ago.

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