We are losing track at the number of ways ESD #11 taxpayers are being taken to the cleaners by their ambulance contractor CCEMS.

Wait… we just found 106,000 more ways.

Cypress Creek EMS is a charity. CCEMS has filed lawsuits against Dolcefino Consulting to keep charity financial records a secret. Today, they told a Houston judge they have spent $106,000 in legal fees, just to keep secrets from the public. And that is just in this one case.

“Funny, CCEMS could have just refused to turn over the charity records and it wouldn’t have cost a penny in 911 funds,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Of course, the last time they did that the Harris County District Attorney charged them with a crime. So instead, CCEMS uses the courthouse to try to retaliate against my firm for their criminal troubles.”

The only losers here are the 600,000 folks who live in ESD #11. Texas law says charities must have their financial records available for inspection. What’s the big secret at CCEMS?

“That’s $106,000 spent on a lawyer that could have been used to buy medical supplies and drugs, so the next time you get an ambulance bill from CCEMS, you will know why it is so high. You elected ESD safety commissioners to safeguard the millions in tax dollars you spent on ambulance service,” says Dolcefino. “They should resign. They can no longer claim they didn’t know you were getting ripped off. They obviously don’t care.”

We estimate CCEMS may have already spent a half a million dollars filing lawsuits against Dolcefino Consulting just to keep secrets.

Dolcefino Consulting has now hired Houston lawyer Jeff Diamant to seek legal fees from CCEMS to stop this retaliation. The firm also plans to file a new criminal complaint.

Stay tuned.