A Towering Sign Of Trouble At The Houston Rodeo


On a Sunday night in March, the rodeo’s new thrill ride Titan suddenly got stuck loaded with carnival goers seventeen stories in the air.

For eight long minutes.

The Houston media didn’t report on the towering trouble that night, not until two days later when an eyewitness shared a video with a Houston TV station.

Now we know why. No one called the fire department.

Houston Fire Department records obtained by Dolcefino Consulting show firetrucks never responded to the Titan ride. But the city records exposed something else. 

We have seen lots of Houston firetrucks and ambulances sent to the rodeo over the last few years for fights and assaults.

That’s curious and here’s why.

When we asked HPD and the Sheriff’s office for police reports from an event with two million folks attending, there weren’t any… at all.

The Titan trouble raises new questions about the carnival company the rodeo has used exclusively for 26 years. Ray Cammack Shows was even kept on at the rodeo after a fatal rollercoaster accident in 2011 and a critical federal investigation.

The carnival contract is up for a new vote, but folks at the rodeo refuse to tell us when the charity board will meet to decide whether to keep that company for many more years, or disclose how much in profits Cammack shares with the charity or whether competing carnival companies would produce more money for the kids the carnival is set up to help.

Dolcefino Consulting has already filed a criminal complaint to force the rodeo to disclose critical financial records.

Now the trouble with the Titan. More secrets from the sacred cow.