Tech Loses Fight to Hide Regent Phone Records

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The Texas Attorney General says Texas Tech can’t hide school related phone records of their nine regents.

The university has been fighting the release of phone records for nearly two years, and one of their reasons for hiding the bills is our fight over the records of the Mike Leach investigation.

What do they have in common? As the old band War used to say, “absolutely nothing.”

Texas Tech has tried to hide all kinds of things because we filed suit to get the school to come clean on the firing ten years ago of the winningest coach in school history.

The Texas Attorney General ruled, “the system has failed to demonstrate the remaining information at issue pertains to the pending litigation.”

That is what we have been saying.

The AG ruling comes one day after the Harris County District Attorney requested an outside prosecutor to pursue a criminal complaint against Regents John Walker and Ronnie Hammonds for refusing requests for their Tech related phone bills.

Dolcefino Consulting has filed complaints across the state, including one with the Texas Attorney General.

“Phone records relating to these people’s work are public record. Period,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Texas Tech has become the poster child of government secrecy. What arrogance. What a horrible lesson for the kids.”

The AG ruling also suggests a state district judge hearing the Leach records fight should decide if other phone records can be kept secret. That won’t help Tech. They have been arguing the judge doesn’t have jurisdiction to tell them what to do.

Amarillo Judge John Board has set a hearing date of June 7th on the nearly two-year old records fight.

“All Mike Leach did for Red Raider fans is win and win big in his own unique style,” says Dolcefino. “The university knows they cheated him out of $2.5 million plus a ton of interest now, and they fired him without doing the investigation they promised. Our investigation proves Tech denied him the basic rights of due process because this was a pre-planned execution by a few regents and the Chancellor.”

Leach fans flocked to a Lubbock book signing a few months ago and say the Red Raider football team suffers from the “Curse of the Pirate” because of the treatment of the coach. 

“What is so sad is that after all these guys have done to Mike Leach, he would shake their hands and say no hard feelings if they pay him what he is owed,” says Dolcefino. “You got to ask yourselves why Tech regents don’t restore the school’s reputation.”

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