Houston Doctor Will Face Trial For Fraud In Brazilian Kidnap Drama


Houston doctor Chris Brann convinced Texas courts and the U.S. Congress his ex-wife wasn’t in fear for her life when she kidnapped their son to Brazil. The Baylor doctor then helped federal prosecutors send his son’s grandparents to prison for helping their own daughter stay in Brazil.

Carlos and Jemima Guimaraes are now out of jail after serving their short prison sentences and have filed suit against Brann for fraud, accusing the Houston doctor of a campaign of fraud to hide his domestic abuse and sex addiction.

Tuesday afternoon, they faced a major test to see if a judge would let the lawsuit continue.

“They are convicted, guilty, done, it’s like a do-over,” argued Brann’s lawyer. Dr. Brann lost the fight.

Judge Dedra Davis cleared the way for the lawsuit to continue, denying a motion to dismiss the case for violating Brann’s first amendment rights.

“Nothing will get undone that’s already been done in the past,” says Jeff Diamant, attorney for the Guimaraes family. “They should at least get what they deserve for having gone through it, and that is simply truth and justice, exposing the lies about their daughter and them.”

An investigation by Dolcefino Consulting in 2018 exposed evidence the jury that convicted the Guimaraes family never got to see – evidence Brann was sexually triggered by female patients and confessed to beating his wife. 

Court records we have reviewed from Brazil also raise serious questions about statements Brann made during the divorce and custody case held in the court of former Judge James Lombardino. Brann repeated many of the allegations during his witness testimony in federal court.

Brann’s lawyer in the family case was Bobby Newman, whose family and firm had been Lombardino’s largest campaign contributor. Lombardino refused to let Guimaraes tell her story from Brazil.

Brann is now represented in the ongoing international family drama by a lawyer with close ties to Newman, Houston attorney Alan Daughtry.

“Obviously we are disappointed,” says Daughtry. “Now the court will get shut down until the court of appeals rules.”

Carlos and Jemima Guimaraes had no comment on their court victory as they left the court, or the long legal battle that remains. From Brazil, their daughter Marcelle praised the decision. “I have no fear whatsoever,” says Guimaraes. “Justice will be done.”

Marcelle Guimaraes is currently a wanted fugitive in the United States.