Bring The Baize Children Back Home To Their Mom


The Abilene office of the CPS has simply gone too far.

CPS Officers seized three of Kim Baize’s children and have shipped them across the state to a strange foster home.

What did she do wrong? Absolutely Nothing.

Baize is married to Russell Baize, one of four men caught up in a targeted sting operation by Abilene Police.

Baize is the only one of the four not charged with sexual contact with a child but is accused of solicitation of a minor.

Russell Baize moved out of his wife’s house immediately after his arrest while he fights to clear his name. Kim Baize immediately agreed to the order to keep him out of the house.

Why wasn’t that enough?

“There isn’t a scintilla of evidence that Russell Baize has been anything but a great father to those kids, but that’s not the point,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Kim Baize isn’t accused of doing a thing but being a great mom. Why in the world would CPS take her kids away and traumatize them more than this unfortunate incident already has? She voluntarily agreed to do what they asked her to do. This is plain wrong. It is government arrogance.”

An investigation by the Austin American-Statesman found evidence dozens of CPS workers have been caught lying in cases and folks in Abilene have seen first-hand evidence of misconduct. CPS must return these children to their mother immediately.

“I have watched over the last few days as Abilene police have waged a public campaign on social media to destroy Russell Baize, so they should show folks the videotape and let the public hear all the recordings,” says Dolcefino. “None of us support misconduct with children, but as of now, do any one of us really know what happened, other than the Abilene police targeted individuals in a sting. If they are so proud of their work, let’s show it to everyone.”

In the meantime, CPS cannot destroy a family and spirit kids away from their mother who hasn’t done a thing wrong, except be married to someone who is accused of a crime she had nothing to do with.

“Last time I checked, people are innocent until proven guilty, and Kim Baize isn’t even accused of doing anything wrong,” says Dolcefino, now hired by the Baize family to conduct an investigation in Abilene.

Dolcefino Consulting is a media investigative firm based in Houston, run by long-time investigative journalist Wayne Dolcefino.