Making Mayoral Race About Color Is Just Plain Wrong

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Mary Benton was a darn good TV reporter. Now she is the press secretary for the Mayor, and you pay her salary.

What she did now is an embarrassment. Suggesting Houston firefighters are white nationalists is stupid, and she owes all of Houston an apology. Or she should lose her job and I really hate to say it.

Some guy named Ricky Recon, whoever he is, commented on a Black Houston event the Mayor was going to, and asked when there would be a “White Houston.”

Mary Benton shouldn’t have taken the bait.

“Maybe the fire union… will organize. Steve Bannon is still out of the country,” Benton tweeted.

This comes just days after Houston Style Magazine suggested mayoral candidates Tony Buzbee and Bill King are using “dog whistles” when they call Turner out for being corrupt, vindictive, petty, even using words like “pay to play” politics and dictator.

“Hate to tell my friends at the Houston Style Magazine, but corrupt politicians come in all colors, and when a minority politician has his media friends use race to answer those legitimate questions, he is dividing the city,” says Wayne Dolcefino. “Mary Benton divided us more today. Race deserves no role in a 2019 Mayoral election. It is a sign of desperation.”

Oh, did I mention we have one of the most diverse fire departments in the country.

More than thirty percent of the firefighters are Hispanic.

Guess Mary Benton thinks the fight over fair pay is racist… huh!

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