Judge sets December trial on Texas Tech secrecy case


Visiting Judge John Board set a December 9 th trial date in the legal battle to finally get the truth about the firing of Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach out in the sunshine.

“We are one step closer to getting to the truth and proving Texas Tech cheated Coach Leach and finally ending the ten year campaign of secrecy,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, “ It is time to put some folks under oath and then get a jury to send a message about the public right-to-know.”

In addition to trying to hide documents surrounding the Leach firing, Texas Tech has also tried to hide records detailing sexual assault and harassment on campus and details of an investigation into the possible mishandling of grant funds by the Texas Tech Health Science Center. At the same time Texas Tech has tried to scare Dolcefino Consulting away by charging ridiculous fees to see other records.

Texas Tech has tried to charge Dolcefino Consulting more than $415,000 for the records the company has requested to see. Texas Tech has simply hidden other documents. The first judge in the case chastised Tech for playing word games with requests, and today Judge Board was spot on with his questions about the state law that protects the public right-to-know.

Board noted the law could let a bad actor impose ridiculous fees, forcing a requestor of public records to complain to the Texas Attorney General for help. In this case, the Texas Attorney General is also the lawyer for Texas Tech.

“Texas Tech has played every game imaginable to keep the public from finding out the truth. Every day that Tech fights to keep secrets they tarnish the name of the school,” says Dolcefino, “It’s amazing they would rather hide the truth than tell it. I am pleased to hear Judge Board ask the questions everyone should be asking about the difficulty in squeezing the truth out of these people.”

Coach Leach is owed $2.5 million by the Texas Tech. We already know the university destroyed some of the records involved in his firing and never completed the investigation that they used as a pretext to fire the winningest coach in school history.

Dolcefino Consulting plans to seek sworn testimony from Tech officials and announced plans to file new public information requests for records in the coming days.

“Tech should honor Red Raider fans and donors by simply releasing the records we seek, paying Coach Leach and end what a lot of folks in Lubbock believe is a curse on the football team for the horrible way they treated a guy who did nothing for the school but win,” says Dolcefino.

Red Raider students, fans and donors should be asking one simple question. Ten years after the firing, why does the truth scare Texas Tech so much?