Mayor Turner fights again to hide recycling records

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is hiding landfill contracts and e-mails about the controversial City of Houston recycling contract. Folks, that’s garbage.

Now he is spending more of your tax money to fight a judge’s order to produce the records.

District Court Judge Kristen Hawkins ruled the City of Houston had illegally withheld at least some of the records requested by Dolcefino Consulting and ordered those records produced by mid-June.

Today the City appealed the judge’s ruling.

“Mayor Turner has been hiding these records for three years, and he wants to try and keep them secret until after the election,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, “His abuse of the public right-to-know is shameful, and there can be only one reason: he’s got plenty to hide.”

The fight over the recycling records began after Mayor Turner killed a planned contract with a company called ECOHUB, even though the company planned to build a plant with $850 million of their own money and then recycle all of Houston’s trash.

The ECOHUB plan would have drastically reduced the number of garbage trucks and the need for expensive landfill contracts. The company also offered to share profits with the city to help pay Houston firefighters.

Instead of making millions, the city gave a contract to a foreign company FCC. Documents already uncovered show the city garbage boss was soliciting the company to come to Houston months before the bidding for the new contract was even public.

“Mayor Turner would rather spend public money fighting the public right-to-know than use that money to help give firefighters fair pay,” says Dolcefino, “Houstonians have a chance in November to send him a message.”