Desai Divorce Case Exposes Houston Private Schoolhouse Scandal


Kinnari Bhakta Desai is a Houston doctor being sued for divorce.

One of the subpoenas issued in the divorce case went to a guy named Bob Meyer, the former Head of School of a prestigious Memorial area private school known as The Fay School. It is where the children of Houston’s elite go to school. It is where the Desai children went to school.

The Fay School likes to talk about communication being paramount to success – but the school’s attorney demanded we stop asking questions about Bob Meyer.

Now we know why.

Meyer and Kinnari Desai exchanged more than 1,000 text messages during school days in just a 3- month period, quite a lot for the head of a school and a parent. A private investigator also took some steamy pictures of the now former school official and Desai kissing as well, helping prompt the subpoena.

Parents at the school were never told about the schoolhouse scandal.

Dolcefino Consulting learned of the Fay School problem during an investigation of Judge James Lombardino. Kinnari Desai hired Houston divorce lawyer Bobby Newman, whose family and firm were the judge’s biggest contributors. Lombardino lost reelection, and the Desai case is on hold until this fall.

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Stay tuned. A schoolhouse scandal may soon get detailed in Harris County Family Court.