Statement From Prime Social

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We have said since the unfortunate raid in May that Prime Social had fully complied with the law from the first day we opened our popular private poker club on Westheimer.

We had reason to believe we were operating with the full knowledge and approval of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. We had even worked with the Houston Police Department on well publicized charity drives.

Prime Social attorneys were already independently cooperating with the Harris County District Attorney and federal authorities long before today’s announcement and we stand ready to help as they investigate the conflicts of interest that have been identified in the news release issued by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office this afternoon.

We thank District Attorney Kim Ogg for taking the appropriate action to clear our employees’ names without any further delay and allow us to get back to work entertaining Houstonians.

We look forward to our 11,000 plus members coming back soon to enjoy their favorite game.

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