Back In Court With The Sacred Cow


A September 9th date is now set in the battle over the secrets of Houston’s quarter of a billion-dollar sacred cow.

What started as an investigation into the way the Rodeo treated a trail ride rape victim has now evolved into a yearlong fight over the Rodeo’s attempts to keep financial records a secret.

Maybe you didn’t know that less than fifteen percent of the money they make at the Rodeo goes to the college scholarships the rodeo brags about so often. In 2018 alone, the Rodeo took in $138 million.

So, why keep secrets?

HLSR is hiding financial records showing some of this Texas charity money is being invested not in local kids but in foreign countries. They don’t want you to see how some of their board members are making money off those high-priced tickets. They also want to hide their financial dealings with Ray Cammack Shows, an out of state carnival company that may be giving less money back to charity than the rodeo could get. The rodeo won’t even let us see if a new contract was signed.

We do know about some of the big salaries at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The head of the Rodeo makes more than $550,000. 35 employees make more than $100,000. The 100,000 and more Rodeo crowd adds up to more than $6 million.

Remember that when you buy your pricey tickets next spring.