Let Prime Play

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Prime Social will soon be ready to reopen the doors for its 11,000 members.

There is one remaining problem. Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan’s office.

The Harris County Attorney went to court and got an injunction to keep the club closed as a public nuisance last May. That was one day after four Prime Social employees were wrongly charged with money laundering, solely for depositing the money the club made into the bank.

The criminal cases were dismissed last week after lawyers for at least two poker clubs provided evidence that a senior advisor in Ogg’s office had taken money as part of an effort to secure city gaming licenses.

Ogg fired Amir Mireskandari the day the charges were dismissed, and the FBI is now probing possible corruption in the investigation that led to the raid of Prime Social. The raid occurred after the club stopped paying Mireskandari.

The only remaining issue in the civil lawsuit is the public nuisance question. The county attorney claimed the club had been the scene of criminal activity, but a review of police records by Dolcefino Consulting shows not a single person had been charged with any crime at the club.

“Every day that Prime Social remains closed, the incredible cost of this retaliatory scheme and selective prosecution adds up,” says Wayne Dolcefino, spokesman for Prime Social. “When you add up the lost revenue, the unnecessary cost of lawyers, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars swindled from this business, it would be a shame for Prime Social to have to seek a remedy from Harris County taxpayers.”

Prime Social records detail money given to Harris County elected officials and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has been given evidence of possible public corruption.

“Prime Social doesn’t want to have to go to court to air everyone else’s dirty laundry, but they will also not just sit back and watch dozens of private poker clubs be allowed to operate while they get punished for exposing a shakedown,” says Dolcefino.

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