The District Attorney Is Not Telling You The Truth

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Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg now claims the white collar crime advisor fired in the city poker scandal was never involved in any criminal investigations conducted by her office.

“Amir Mireskandari has never had access to any of our case files and had no knowledge of any investigative information,” Ogg spokesman Dane Schiller said in a statement to the Houston Chronicle.

That’s not true. We have the evidence to prove it.

On July 20, 2019, the District Attorney’s office sent us an email trying to withhold emails that Dolcefino Consulting had requested between former advisor Amir Mireskandari and prosecutors in the office.

“I’m running into a number of emails delving into individual cases and referencing victim’s names and target’s names. Can you agree we don’t need to produce those?” the office wrote Dolcefino Consulting.

It gets worse.

In a letter to the Texas Attorney General dated July 25, 2019, the District Attorney’s General Litigation Division claims that there is information that in the emails that we requested that they want to keep secret. They claim the emails contain “information relating to pending criminal investigations and prosecutions… including numerous examples of pending criminal investigations with uncharged criminal targets.”

“The chief law enforcement officer of Harris County is either lying to the public or lying to the Texas Attorney General,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “The credibility of this office is now in serious doubt. It is time for the District Attorney to stop hiding behind her spokesman, face the citizens of Harris County and address all of this on camera.”

Mireskandari told the Chronicle he was paid $120,000 dollars to help draft a poker ordinance because of his relationships with city politicians, but denies he ever picked up money for political donations.

“Multiple Prime Social employees confirm they gave envelopes filled with cash to Mireskandari for political donations to his political action committee,” says Wayne Dolcefino, spokesman for Prime Social. Dolcefino continued, “On at least three occasions Mireskandari came to the club with politicians, including the Fort Bend County District Attorney and a candidate for Texas Attorney General. One Prime Social employee confirms they went with Mireskandari to a campaign event for County Commissioner Adrian Garcia.”

“Prime Social believed they were picked to help craft an ordinance and wanted politicians to visit the club to see how they operated. They hired a big law firm to help make it happen. They had even invited the FBI to their club to inspect their system for tracking cash in the private poker club,” says Dolcefino. “The allegation that they and their lawyers concocted this scheme is ridiculous and Mireskandari knows it. The DA didn’t drop this case because of a conspiratorial fairy tale. She dropped it because it stinks. Prime Social was raided weeks after complaining they were defrauded.  Do you believe in coincidences? Private poker clubs open every day, and no one has said a word about them.”

All criminal charges have been dropped against the employees of Prime Social arrested in the May raid. As of today, the District Attorney’s office hasn’t returned a single penny of the money seized, or any of the equipment seized in the raid.

“Prime Social plans to reopen in the next few weeks, and every day this folly continues they are suffering more financial damage. This botched criminal investigation has shattered lives, cost more 100 people their jobs, and cost innocent employees tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal bills,” says Dolcefino.

“The District Attorney has an obligation to get these innocent people their stuff back immediately, and she needs to get her story straight,” says Dolcefino. “If Mireskandari wasn’t involved in criminal investigations why are they hiding records? Mireskandari was a big fundraiser for the District Attorney and she made him a senior advisor.  He was clearly involved in criminal investigations and lawyers for those targets and victims need to know why.”



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