New Judge Reverses Ruling In The Divorce Case That Never Ends


We’ve just exposed the government crybaby of the moment this week, so it’s only fair to shout out a government official who makes the right call.

Harris County State District Judge Sonya Heath had a chance this week to award attorneys’ fees to lawyers who actually deserved to get paid. That’s not easy for us to argue.

Marek Menger was originally ordered to pay the legal fees in his never-ending divorce drama with his wife.  Judge Lisa Millard let him off the hook.

Millard allowed the Houston valve company executive to avoid the tens of thousands of dollars he owed, even after an arbitrator had ordered a binding agreement that included the fees.

Attorneys Carlos Ryerson and Michael Bynane fought the decision. Ryerson has been a lawyer for more than forty years.

“I couldn’t ever do that. I mean money is not important to me to, to make my client suffer so that I can get more down the line,” Ryerson said. “It’s just completely anathema to me.”

Marek Menger refuses to pay a lot of his lawyers, but he’s found another lawyer to carry on his crusade. It’s Mary Van Orman. Maybe she needs the legal fees, since she’s been evicted from two different places she lived in in recent months for stiffing her landlords.

“I get hired a lot to expose cases where attorneys take advantage of their clients,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “But it’s also not fair when a client sues every lawyer that he hires just because he doesn’t like the result. Divorces are supposed to end.”

Judge Heath made her ruling days after Dolcefino Consulting raised more red flags about this divorce case involving the Houston valve company executive.

Stay tuned.

Since the decision, Menger is now suing even more lawyers. Marek Menger added Charles Kelly, J. Douglas Sutter and the law firm of Kelly, Sutter & Kendrick to an expanding list of attorneys he’s suing for malpractice. He owes them $43,000, but we figured you knew he must owe them money too.