Prime Social Files First Lawsuit On Eve Of Grand Reopening

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Houston’s most popular private poker club is planning a big grand reopening at 11:00 a.m. Thursday, but their lawyers have filed the first of what could be many lawsuits stemming from that May raid on the club.

The first lawsuit for gross negligence was filed against Houston Law Firm Jones Walker, LLP, the firm where attorney Jimmy Ardoin works. Prime Social says they hired the firm based on their representation as experts in gaming law, working with city officials on an ordinance for private poker clubs.

The legal action says the law firm breached its fiduciary duty in a scheme to generate fees for a sham city ordinance, including directing Prime to hire a firm investigator for more than $250,000. The firm is the only defendant listed in the petition filed in the 295th District Court.

District Attorney Kim Ogg dismissed criminal charges against Prime just as media investigations were underway into her senior advisor at the time Amir Mireskandari.

Club employees say he was involved in the scheme and they worked with him as an official representative of the District Attorney’s Office. Ogg has refused to comment since the dismissals and has fought requests for more records about her office.

“We weren’t doing anything wrong,” Prime Social General Manager Brent Pollack told us. “Suddenly I am being told I’ve done money laundering and I’m a criminal and a gangster and all these crazy accusations that are very slanderous and untrue.”

Prime Social has scheduled a ribbon cutting for the grand reopening at 7801 Westheimer.

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