Texas Tech Sex Harassment Secrets Prompts New Lawsuit

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A lawsuit has been filed in the 201st District Court in Austin to block the release of a completed sexual harassment investigation conducted at Texas Tech University.

The lawsuit filed by “J. Doe” against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton only describes the plaintiff as a Texas resident seeking to “prevent the public disclosure of private information” concerning the plaintiff that “would be highly objectionable” and is of no legitimate public concern.

The battle over sexual harassment records at Texas Tech is part of a growing battle over secrecy at the Lubbock campus. It started over the questionable firing of former football coach Mike Leach for the alleged mistreatment of a player ten years ago.  Since then Texas Tech has used Dolcefino Consulting’s legal battle for the truth about the Leach case to hide details of a whole range of school records, including details of sex assaults and sex harassment on campus.

Dolcefino Consulting sought records of completed sexual harassment investigations in June of 2019. Tech tried to keep the records secret, but the Attorney General ruled many of the records must be disclosed. That ruling came down on September 30, but more than six weeks later Tech still hasn’t coughed up the documents.

At least one of those sexual harassment investigative reports is apparently now triggering this new lawsuit in Austin. Dolcefino Consulting does not know if the lawsuit is filed by a student, professor, a high ranking official of the University or a member of the Board of the Regents.

“The parents who trust their children to Texas Tech should be outraged over this secrecy,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “What’s scarier is that this shows that Tech tipped off a possible perpetrator of sexual harassment rather than simply complying with Texas law.”

Dolcefino Consulting has sought the sworn deposition testimony of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and others in the ongoing battle to expose the way that Texas Tech cheated Coach Leach out of $2.5 million in pay.  District Court Judge John Board has set an important hearing in the case in Canyon, Texas for Thursday afternoon, November 14, 2019.

The hearing is set at 1:30 in the 181st District Court.

Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino and Dolcefino Consulting’s counsel, Dallas-based lawyers Julie Pettit and Michael Hurst will be available to speak to the media after the hearing.

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