The Fight For Free Speech In West Texas

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Texas Tech University wants to censor the truth about the firing of former football Coach Mike Leach.

The university has now asked State District Judge John Board to issue a temporary restraining order to stop us from posting videos detailing 10- year old public records, or even reporting on what we have seen.

The new legal action comes after the Texas Attorney General accidently released records showing Tech lied to donors and then a judge about the Mike Leach investigation.

In the most recent court filing by Texas Tech, the university claims that, “TTU makes no attempt to stifle Dolcefino’s constitutional right to express opinions about TTU.”

Please. That’s exactly what the university wants to do, violate our First Amendment rights.

Dolcefino Consulting maintains our reporting is protected by the United States Constitution and the Texas Shield law. We strongly believe the court orders Texas Tech is now seeking constitute prior restraint on our freedom of speech and granting the temporary restraining order and the temporary injunction would violate our First Amendment rights.

“It will be a cold day in hell before I let the weasels at Texas Tech infringe on our First Amendment right to publish the truth about the university and their illegal conduct,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.” They have already demonstrated, with the help of the Texas Attorney General, a callous disregard for the public right to know. If they want a constitutional fight in their campaign to hide the truth about their cheating scandal so be it. Every day Tech is exposing how they do business with taxpayers’ money and the tuition payments of thousands of Texas parents and students.”

The legal action comes one day after Dolcefino Consulting filed a criminal complaint against several members of the Texas Tech Board of Regents after the previously unseen documents proved university officials illegally withheld phone records on university business.

We have also asked Lubbock County District Attorney Sunshine Stanek to recuse herself. Stanek graduated from Texas Tech law school. Stanek refused to investigate last year when we discovered Tech had destroyed at least some of the records.

Tech has been hit with a wave of negative publicity about their fractured football program since Leach weas fired. The Lubbock Avalanche Journal reported the university had paid almost $6.6 million to former football staff between the 2018 and 2019 season. 

“This is a pattern of bad management, beginning with the firing of Mike Leach and cheating him out of $2.5 million in owed money,” Dolcefino said. “Supporters of Coach Leach say the university is plagued by the curse of the pirate for the way they treated Coach Leach. It is time to end this coverup.”

The fight over the released records and the right of Dolcefino Consulting to publish the truth will likely be heard in the next few weeks.

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