Family Injustice: Exposing A Billionaire


Houston billionaire Ed Bosarge was a pioneer in the Medical Center. Now he owns his own Bahamian island, huge yachts and mansions too… all over the world.

He’s been accused of fraud before but now he’s accused of trying to leave his wife of thirty years virtually homeless… will he get away with it?

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is vintage 007 from half a century ago, and what’s a good Bon movie classic without a brilliant, yet diabolical villain.

One of our viewers thought about Bond villains when he saw we were investigating self-proclaimed tycoon Ed Bosarge. Bosarge is apparently a world-renowned pioneer in the fields of finance, medicine and energy. Just ask him how smart he is.

On his website, you can see he is now deep in stem cell research. His roots are steeped in the history of the Houston Medical Center, the days of the great heart pioneers.

And there is no doubt that Ed Bosarge is what you would call stupid rich. How many folks do you know who own their own island in the Bahamas? Over Yonder Cay is eco-friendly, authentic, barefoot luxury.

Back in Houston, Bosarge lives large too, homes that make headlines.

At 43 million bucks, this eight-bedroom showcase on Carnarvon was the most expensive house in Houston when it first went on the market. It’s one of three Houston mansions. His nearly 9,000 square foot home on North Boulevard is certainly big enough for that White Bentley we saw in the garage.

And of course there are the yachts. One of them is called Tenacious, complete with a bevy of models in a video ad. And of course an uber rich guy like Ed Bosarge can’t have just one yacht. His other one is called Marie, a tribute to the woman who stood next to Ed Bosarge long before he got so stinking rich.

Marie Bosarge, his wife of 30 years is a fixture in Houston high society. But if you look at her now, you would see a much different Marie Bosarge.

“Marie I’m Wayne Dolcefino. How are you?” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, when he questioned Mrs. Bosarge.

Marie Bosarge begins 2020 literally facing homelessness, Ed’s divorcing her.

“We’ve been married 30 years and he’s trying to take everything from me and leave me homeless basically,” said Marie Bosarge.

Sure marriages fail, even long ones, but wait till you see the allegations of how Ed Bosarge is trying to hide all his billions of dollars from his longtime wife.

“You think he’s hiding billions of dollars?” Dolcefino said.

“Yes sir,” Bosarge said.

“And you were there from the beginning, the early years?” Dolcefino said.

“Yes sir. But you know I don’t want to talk about anything. You know, it’s, I don’t feel comfortable,” Bosarge said.

Here is a photo of Ed Bosarge two years before he filed for divorce, seen here with a much younger woman named Ana Kostenkova.


Court papers call her Ed’s Russian mistress, an affair that supposedly started eight years ago when Ana was 26 years old. Ed Bosarge is 81.

“Very disappointing. It’s sad,” Bosarge said.

Sure, Ed Bosarge may be some kind of financial genius, but he’s left a trail littered with allegations of financial fraud too. Back in the early 80s, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Bosarge with securities fraud and market manipulation. The case was settled.

Former business partners have accused him of fraud too. Like a purported tyrannical coup at Quantlab, one of the world’s most secretive and profitable high frequency trading firms.

Now his wife alleges the latest fraud, the scheme to cheat her out of all her money.

“I just want what’s fair, sir,” Bosarge said.

Marie’s lawyer Bucky Allshouse spells out the complicated alleged scheme to move all his stuff, the mansions, the yachts, even that sweet island. And it’s a complicated road map to decipher.

South Dakota. It may be famous for Mount Rushmore but it’s also gained quite the reputation as a place where really rich folks hide their money. Just a few weeks ago, the Gaurdian newspaper detailed how secretive courts help the mega wealthy hide their billions of dollars in complicated trusts.

Now the question is simple, will Harris County Judge Chip Wells give Marie Justice or another dose of family injustice?

It’s no surprise Ed Bosarge has high-priced lawyers, among the early political contributors to the judge. On January 28th Marie may learn her fate.

Are you afraid because he’s such a high-profile rich person that you’re not going to get justice?” Dolcefino said.

“You know I just don’t feel comfortable talking about it. It’s too, I’m too emotional.” Bosarge said.

I wonder what Ed’s schedule for late January is. Sailing near Over Yonder Cay? Or playing the role of the accused villain in a Harris County family court.