Texas Tech Lawyer Faces Sworn Testimony

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March 12th has been set as the date for the very first sworn testimony by an official of Texas Tech University in the fight over records in the Coach Mike Leach case.

Senior Associate General Counsel Ronny Wall has led the effort to hide public records over the firing of Mike Leach. In recent weeks Dolcefino Consulting has learned Wall released records that had been illegally redacted. The accidental disclosure of thousands of previously hidden records also shows the university lied to donors and fans about the investigation that led to the firing of the winningest coach in school history.

“Ronny Wall has literally become the poster child for an arrogant state university that lies to withhold public records,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “I can’t wait to see this guy squirm as he tries to explain away the coverup we have exposed. “I look forward to getting present and former regents and the chancellor under oath as well. This coverup must end.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton failed in an effort to censor Dolcefino Consulting videos showing the proof Tech altered documents and lied to a judge about it. Judge John Board has suggested the former coach be part of a possible mediation to resolve the fight.

“Texas Tech owes Mike Leach $2.5 million for cheating him out of job and a whole lot more because we now know they altered comments to falsely destroy his reputation,” says Dolcefino. “They also owe us a lot of money for hiding public records. Every day they refuse to do the right thing the meter is running. It is especially sad the Attorney General is using taxpayer money to defend them when they know they have broken the law.”

Lubbock County District Attorney Sunshine Stanek has twice refused to prosecute criminal complaints against Texas Tech. Stanek admits she may have a potential conflict of interest. The DA went to law school at Tech.

“The DA suggests we should ask the Attorney General to investigate,” laughs Dolcefino. “They are the lawyers for the law breakers. It is why we believe the Texas Public Information Act is unconstitutional. Texas Tech may be a big deal in Lubbock, but they are not above the law.”

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