Family Injustice: A Real Valentine

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Houston billionaire Ed Bosarge once gave his wife a 43-carat yellow diamond necklace.

In thirty years of marriage the Houston medical center pioneer showered Marie Bosarge with three high- priced Houston mansions, artwork, antiques, yachts and even a Bahamian Island called Over Yonder Cay.

What a great life. One big problem.

Ed Bosarge is trying to get an award as the nation’s biggest Indian Giver, and he’s trying to do it on Valentine’s week.

Marie Bosarge says she was never told that Bosarge secretly moved the ownership of everything they own, including that fancy diamond necklace, into secretive South Dakota trusts set up to eventually cheat her in their divorce playing out in the 312th District Court.

South Dakota has become a haven for the uber rich. Bosarge is now accused of fraudulently using a series of “sham” trusts to cheat his wife out of everything, even the gifts he gave her.

Thursday afternoon Judge Chip Wells will finally decide if Ed Bosarge will get away it.

Court filings claim the 81-year-old Houston billionaire pulled off the scheme along with his young Russian girlfriend, Ana Kostenkova. She is 34.

“We’ve been married thirty years and he is trying to take everything from me and leave me homeless basically,” Marie Bosarge told Dolcefino Consulting.

When the most expensive Bosarge home in Houston was put on the market, the Houston Chronicle profiled it as the most expensive mansion in Houston at $42 million.

Bosarge has amassed a multi-billion-dollar fortune despite allegations of fraud along the way. In the early 1980s the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Bosarge with securities fraud and market manipulation. That case was settled.

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