Family Injustice: Battling A Billionaire

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You think it’s tough to fight city hall. Imagine if your husband became a billionaire while you were married and now wants to hide all of it in a divorce case.

Marie Bosarge has been waiting for three years and battling an army of lawyers just to get Houston Medical Center pioneer Ed Bosarge in front of a Houston jury. Now Coronavirus is throwing another hurdle in her fight, and a lot of other families too.

“Ed and Marie were introduced to a bold ocean lot on the north Atlantic with incredible sunsets, rock formations, crashing waves and an ever-changing environment.”

When you have got billions of dollars look what you can buy. And wait till you see what Ed Bosarge built here. 

And this was just a vacation home in Maine. 

There’s Ed’s yacht Tenacious right off the coast. 

He’s got another named for his wife Marie. 

“One can only imagine how incredible it must be to live this lifestyle daily.”

And this is the biggest of three Bosarge mansions right here in Houston. 100 Carnarvon Lane. When it was listed for sale it was for 43 million bucks.

No other home had ever been priced this high in our entire city’s history. Boy, Ed and Marie Bosarge lived big. Ed and Marie even owned an island in the Caribbean. 

But the woman in the canoe with the 81-year-old Houston Medical Center pioneer isn’t his wife. It’s Ana Kostenkova, his alleged Russian girlfriend. 

Ed and Marie don’t have any more of those evenings on the couch outdoors in Maine because he is now accused of secretly moving more than $2 billion worth of stuff, his mansions, the yachts, and yes, even the island into a secretive South Dakota trust to leave Marie Bosarge penniless.

Ed Bosarge even took a gift he gave to his wife of 30 years, a diamond necklace, and hid that in the trust too.

“It was a gift my husband gave me for Christmas. It was very special and I wore it to a Christmas party and he told everybody it was my gift. I thought it was my gift,” said Marie Bosarge.

And it’s not just the bug stuff billionaire Bosarge is accused of hiding. Wait till you see this. You know what else he is trying to keep from his wife of thirty years? 

An ice cream scooper, a cheese slicer, a mattress pad, even the can opener. Oh don’t forget the sponges. I’m serious.

Their divorce fight has been playing out in a Harris County courtroom, and Judge Chip Wells had finally paved the way for a jury trial, giving Ed Bosarge’s lawyers an earful about his possible fraud of the community property.

“I don’t think the laws of South Dakota, the State of Texas or anything that we might imagine somehow frees him of an obligation that he has undertaken at the time he married Mrs. Bosarge,” said Judge Wells from the bench.

After discovering her husband’s nearly decade-long affair, Marie had to face off with an army of lawyers her billionaire husband can afford to send to battle her.

“Is the plan to sort of squeeze her out financially so she can’t afford to continue the fight?” Wayne Dolcefino asked.

“No that’s not at all,” said Robert Kuehm, one of the attorneys for Ed Bosarge.

“Well what is it?” Dolcefino said.

“We’re not going to discuss the case with you,” Kuehm said.

“It’s frustrating. It’s my money too, you know? That’s what’s so frustrating,” Bosarge said.

Marie is now forced to spend every penny she has on legal fees. 

“I think you heard the arguments in there, what the position is. Ms. Bosarge needs the money; we’re trying to get it for her,” said attorney Bucky Allshouse.

“We earned that money together while we’ve been married so I’m very frustrated, disappointed and hurt. I can’t even fight my battle you know, appropriately,” Bosarge said.

After months of delays, Marie’s lawyers finally got Ed Bosarge under oath in a sworn deposition. 

We watched as Bosarge walked just fine to his car that morning. But later he arrived for his deposition in a wheelchair. Notice the blue gloves Bosarge was wearing? It was the sign of the health scare that would soon change life in Houston.

The jury trial was set for early April. After three ling year Marie could finally get the chance to tell a jury her tale of family injustice. 

The Divorce fight may be unique, but now Marie is facing another hurdle. The Harris County courthouse is all but closed, her trial delayed at least a month. But when the courthouse reopens, and it will, billionaire Ed Bosarge will have to face a jury.

“I don’t have a way to pay my taxes, property taxes and I’m barely making ends meet,” Bosarge said.

Marie Bosarge is now in the same waiting game as thousands of other Houston men and women. Family justice delayed in the age of Coronavirus.

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