Leach Case Stalled by Texas Tech

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Lawyers for Texas Tech University are now refusing to allow sworn testimony from a key figure in the two- year-old records fight involving Coach Mike Leach.

Lawyers for Dolcefino Consulting are now asking Judge John Board in Amarillo for an emergency hearing to compel the testimony, citing 12 separate attempts to stall our legal investigation. Dallas lawyers Julie Pettit and Michael Hurst complain the state is just stalling, “Defendant stalls discovery at every turn.” 

The hearing would be held by phone in light of the current coronavirus health scare.

Texas Tech lawyer Ronny Wall was supposed to turn over records last week and was set for sworn testimony on his efforts to hide public records and overcharge for production. Dolcefino Consulting still has yet to see the hidden documents involving the firing of the popular coach. The sworn deposition for the Leach case was scheduled for April 10, 2020.

Now, the Texas Attorney General’s office is trying to block the testimony after Dolcefino Consulting sought the forced disqualification of the Attorney General in the case.

“We asked for months for the Texas Attorney General to step out of the case because Texas law says we complain to the Attorney General about Texas Tech, and he’s their darn lawyer,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of  Houston-based investigative media firm, Dolcefino Consulting. “Ken Paxton knows Tech violated the Texas Public Information Act by overcharging us. He also knows they illegally redacted regent phone records.”

The coronavirus pandemic is also delaying the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate attempts by some Tech regents to hide phone records.

“The fact the Attorney General’s Office is still the school’s lawyer makes a mockery of the law,” says Dolcefino. “We plan to expose this nonsense because Paxton won’t do the right thing. He should have been on our side if he cared about the public right to know.”

Dolcefino Consulting has already found evidence proving Tech lied to donors about Leach’s firing and changed investigative reports at the last minute to tarnish the reputation of the Coach. Leach says the school owes him $2.5 million.

Tech has tried to collect more than $450,000 to see records involving the firing of Coach Mike Leach. Wall has twice been caught overcharging, and we also know some of the records have been destroyed in the Leach case. Texas Tech refuses to say when the destruction occurred and who ordered it.

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