Texas Tech Stall Game

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Texas Tech and state lawyers are at it again, trying to stall the first sworn testimony in the battle for records of firing former head football Coach Mike Leach.

Now, Dolcefino Consulting wants an emergency court hearing to force Tech lawyer Ronny Wall to testify under oath. The latest legal filings make it clear we are hurting their feelings.

It’s now in our Dolcefino Consulting video hall of fame… Assistant AG Charles Eldred trying to stop me from riding in a courthouse elevator.

He left. And left Karen Watkins from the AG’s office stuck in the elevator with me.

For months we’ve been asking nicely for the Texas Attorney General to get out of this two-year-old lawsuit. After all, they should be on our side. Not helping Texas Tech when there is clear evidence they’ve broken criminal laws in the effort to hide public records. How they cheated Mike Leach out of his coaching job and the $2.5 million they owe him. But since Ken Paxton refused to step down voluntarily, we went to court seeking to disqualify the Attorney General.

“Its role in interpreting and enforcing the TPIA fundamentally conflicts with its role as defendant’s advocate in this lawsuit.”

The legal response from the attorney general… well, it is mostly about me. And that whole box showdown. And the elevator chat, too.

“He has harassed them in the halls of the courthouse (even after being told politely that they cannot comment on pending litigation) and posted the encounters online to poison public perception.”

Golly gee. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. We only posted that courthouse confrontation on social media because you are actually paying those people who tried to hide public records from you and that’s wrong. I guess they’re going to be mad that I just showed it again.

Why is Tech Stalling?

But there’s more you should know…

Texas Tech now wants to use our fight to level the playing field to keep us from getting Ronny Wall under oath for the first time. He’s the Texas Tech lawyer who’s already been busted for illegally overcharging Dolcefino Consulting for public records. Not once, but twice already.

Wall has tried to hide records of sexual misconduct on campus. Just last week the university was rocked by allegations a professor allegedly sexually assaulted a student.

Wall has fought to overcharge us for the records of the Board of Regents. There’s been more reason to question them too.

In January, a special counsel in a car dealership fraud investigation in Lubbock accused Regent John Steinmetz of accepting kickbacks of $150,000 in luxury car deals.

When we discovered Wall gave us phone records which had been illegally redacted, we went to the Lubbock District Attorney. A special prosecutor is now being named to investigate. But the coronavirus outbreak… Well, it’s delayed that investigation.

Now lawyers for Dolcefino Consulting, Julie Pettit and Michael Hurst of Dallas, have filed legal papers trying to force Wall’s sworn testimony.

They accuse Texas Tech of trying to stall at every turn. Twelve times to be exact.

Our lawyers are calling it “phantasmagoric”. That’s not exactly like Fantasmic at Disney World, that’s what I knew, but phantasmagoric. “An optical illusion… a dream… created by the imagination.”

The one thing that is clearly real is that it has taken ten years to start to unravel the lies Tech told donors and Red Raider fans about Mike Leach… and why he left.

Just last week the new coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs posted a famous Churchill quote on Twitter: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood for something sometime in your life.”

The truth matters. And it should especially matter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. He’s got new taxpayer-financed lawyers on the case now trying to keep the truth from Red Raider fans.

Seems the box guy… Well, he has been sent to the sidelines.

Enough with the Texas Tech stall. Let’s see those records.

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