Blood On Their Hands: Kim Ogg’s Family Violence Fiasco


Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg repeatedly promised to protect victims of domestic abuse, but she is silent after Dolcefino Consulting proves she’s allowed thousands of violent abusers to avoid jail, including a guy who repeatedly beat his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach. Tonight that La Porte woman is helping us expose the truth.

Gene Ysidron is obviously a real tough guy with a gun in his hand. Check out his Instagram post. “I don’t give a rat’s ass.”

Ashley Durrett knows that all too well.

“He doesn’t care who he hurts, what he does because he knows he’s going to get away with it,” said Ashley Durrett in an interview with Dolcefino Consulting.

And Ashley has the horrible bruises to prove it. Her face, arms, legs, her lips, teeth marks inside her mouth.

“He would punch me in the stomach, hit me in the face, pull my hair, choke me, throw me into things, grab me by my arms,” Durrett said.

Ashley was a virtual prisoner in her own home on Shell Rock Road in La Porte.

While she was pregnant with his baby, stomach punches that almost killed the baby growing inside her.

“Her cord was wrapped around her neck four times. the doctor doesn’t know how she survived,” Durrett said.

In June of 2018, Ashley made a plan to escape after Ysidron allegedly punched her five-year-old son. He had just brought home that new baby girl Savannah from the hospital.

“She was days old and my son wanted to see her and hold her, and he didn’t want her around and he hit my son’s face and pushed me down,” Durrett said.

The escape ended with a high-speed chase all the way to the La Porte police department headquarters.

“He ran inside after me yelling at me in the police station,” Durrett said.

Ysidron was charged with felony domestic violence. it was his second conviction for beating up a girl. In the weeks after he was charged with violating protective orders two times.

Then a yet new girlfriend accused Ysidron of hitting her. In letters, Ashley pleaded for a maximum prison sentence of ten years, but she says Kim Ogg’s office ignored the letters from members of her family.

Then she got the call from Ogg’s office. They had given Ysidron a deal.

“I was shopping for my daughter’s diapers and food and all that stuff and I just started crying. I was in the middle of Walmart crying and I asked them why didn’t they let me testify, why didn’t they let me tell my side?” Durrett said.

Despite a criminal history that began back in Florida and the horror show that Ashley Durrett lived through, Kim Ogg’s office agreed to just deferred adjudication, a promise Ysidron would behave and history of his cowardly attacks on her would all be wiped away. A get out of jail free card.

“I was so scared of what he would do if he found me again because I filed charges and he got away with it,” Durrett said.

I’m Kim Ogg asking for your vote,” said Kim Ogg in a campaign ad.

It sounds like it should be hard to believe. After all Kim Ogg runs on this get tough on domestic violence stuff.

“Domestic violence is the leading cause of homicides in Harris County,” Ogg said.

This month Ogg sent out a campaign letter promising to protect victims of continued domestic violence. And why not?

Look at the headlines. Domestic violence calls up dramatically since the Coronavirus erupted.

Harris County Sheriff Deputies responded to 1,558 calls in just a month. 

“We have seen a 40 percent spike in our domestic violence calls and of those calls more people are asking for shelter,” said Emilee Whitehurst. “I’m worried about the people who aren’t calling.”

We’ve done the research. We’ve seen the numbers. Can victims of family violence really expect real justice from this district attorney?

“For them to tell me that he was getting away with a slap on the wrist I was terrified,” Durrett said.

The case of Ashley Durrett should haunt Kim Ogg. But how we found Ashley may prove even more devastating to this politician’s campaign rhetoric.

Dolcefino Consulting researched nearly 23,000 criminals who have been given a slap on the wrist by Kim Ogg since she took office. You know how many perpetrators of domestic violence have gotten this get out of jail free card while Ogg has been the DA? 3,364 of them.

There are 591 criminals who have been convicted of aggravated assault of a family member who actually avoided jail time even when they had brandished a weapon. 

124 were convicted of continuing violence — two beatings in just one year. 561 abusers avoided jail despite a previous conviction for family assaults. 

Guys like Nathaniel Tadd. He got deferred after his second conviction. But hey it was just a black eye for his girlfriend. He was later charged with the sexual assault of a child.

The court records detail some of the weapons police recovered. A baseball bat, a kitchen knife covered in blood, a wooden table leg.

We’ve uncovered horror stories just like Ashley Durrett’s. That’s how we found her.

Gregory Cooper first got convicted of family violence back in 2004, 16 years ago. He was sent to prison. We were tough back then.

His second one in 2012. Back to jail. But in 2017 Cooper threatened to burn his girlfriend’s house down. Just weeks after that conviction he was charged with assaulting her again.

He got convicted. Kim Ogg’s office agreed to just deferred. No jail time. Guess what? Cooper assaults again just six months later.

If Kim Ogg bothered to do the research we did, she would know these soft on crime wrist slaps simply aren’t working. Nearly 45 percent of the criminals broke their word. What a shock.

“I moved to another state where I’m at still because of what happened. You know, it was really bad,” said Morgan Ryan in an interview with Dolcefino Consulting.

Morgan Ryan is safe now. She fled town after this guy beat her with a two by four.

“When I came back, he had hit the house. Like he was hitting the wall with a bat and breaking up you know, stuff in the house. Stuff like that,” Ryan said.

Morgan tried to leave but she says Kameron Connor kept trying to fight.

“I called the police, but he broke the phone in the middle of the call. So, when the police pulled up, he was hitting me with like a 2 by 4,” Ryan said. “They got out of the car and drew the guns on him and said put the thing down, put your hands up or whatever.”

Morgan never saw Connor again. He got probation but violated that and got 60 days in jail. But that was before Kim Ogg became DA.

Morgan remembers another woman calling her after she had already moved.

“I know she was asking about his history because she was scared. I told her to get away from him, he’s not a good person. there’s nothing to talk about. Get away from him, he’s not a good person,” Ryan said.

The champion of crime victims was in charge of protecting abused women when Kameron Connor was charged for beating his second victim Haley Barnett.

He was convicted. Kim Ogg’s office agreed to deferred adjudication no jail. Two months later Connor was charged with the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and threatening to kill Barnett.

“He threatened to kill me a lot. I wouldn’t put it past him,” Ryan said. “He could have gone back and actually killed the lady. you know what I mean?”

We can fill the screen with guys like Kameron Connor, and yes there are women too. But how does Kim Ogg explain this soft on crime pattern on family violence we’ve now uncovered?

Kenneth Daniel spent years in prison for murder but when he got out, even after his second assault of a family member, he got deferred. No jail from Kim Ogg.  He’s now sitting in jail awaiting trial for number three. Is that the price we really put on women like Ashley Durrett now?

“What would you say to Kim Ogg if you could talk to her right now?” said Wayne Dolcefino.

“It’s not good enough. She’s not protecting anybody like at all. Not protecting,” Durrett said.

It was brave of Ashley to speak to us. Morgan too. Ashley now has a lifetime protective order to protect her family.

“The only person that was able to protect me through all of this was the judge in the family court hat said she was sorry that the criminal courts are not protecting us like they should be,” Durrett said.

“We offered Kim Ogg a chance to come join us and explain this very troubling record, but she failed to respond to our request. She’s got to know this is deadly serious,” Dolcefino said.

Caitlynne Guajardo is dead because of it.

“You let her abuser walk out and stab her to death,” said Melanie Infinger, mother of a domestic violence victim.

One of our soft on crime judges actually let the guy who beat her out of jail on just a PR bond for 150 bucks. It was a death sentence for this young mother.

“They absolutely have blood on their hands. They have my daughter’s blood on their hands, absolutely. Without a doubt,” Infinger said.