Conroe Family Court Chaos

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The conduct of another Montgomery County judge is under the microscope at the Beaumont Court of Appeals – this time a dad in Conroe family court accuses the judge of misconduct you would have to see to believe…  and you can, on a new website that fights for dads.

Visiting Conroe Judge Suzanne Stovall took over Tarek Maalouf’s case after he reported his children were being abused by his ex-wife’s new fiancée.

The boys were subjected to “games” called “Bangkok” and “Mangina” – both involving the boys’ genitals. Like any father would, Tarek reported the behavior to Child Protective Services and the court.

Rather than delivering justice, Judge Stovall jokes around and even threatened to get the bailiff’s gun if he didn’t agree to her decision.   Tarek wasn’t allowed to call a single witness.  The court transcript jokes about pornography, conflicts of interest, and evidences Judge Stovall’s personal bias.

On the first day of trial Judge Stovall even asked if Tarek Maalouf wanted gloves to hide his tattoo covered hands. Then she told him he needed gloves.

Judge Stovall and his ex-wife’s lawyer, Steve Jackson of Conroe, reminisced about how long they knew each other. Turns out Judge Stovall was one of the first people to hold Jackson’s newborn son decades ago.

Tarek couldn’t understand how the case could be over without the chance to call a single witness, even his ex-wife. The judge threatened to get the bailiff’s gun… we are not kidding.

 Judge Stovall stated, “I’m asking for Tracy’s gun.”

You can see the Dolcefino Consulting investigation on

Tarek also has a billboard he has commissioned up on Interstate 45 just south of Conroe.

This is the latest complaint about Montgomery County judges. Beaumont Appeals judges overturned the bizarre ruling against a Willis man who was told to pay his ex-wife tens of thousands of dollars evidence she lied to him and was married to two other men.

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