Precinct 3 Constable Investigation

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Do not re-elect Sherman Eagleton for Constable Precinct 3

Nearly half of the campaign staff of Precinct 3 Constable Sherman Eagleton has a criminal history and some are even facing active criminal charges. The review by Dolcefino Consulting also exposes the criminal history of the folks being sent to homes to campaign for the East-side lawman. Two staff members are convicted robbers, one is a registered sex offender, and another was convicted of lying to a cop.

Now the Constable is also accused of official oppression. Crosby restaurant owner Karen Freeman states officers from Precinct 3 threatened not to provide service to the location after she gave only a partial discount on their meal. Weeks later, Freeman’s restaurant was broken into. Freeman called the police at Constable Sherman Eagleton’s office, but the deputies never showed.

“I received another phone call that explained to me if I expected any type of law enforcement presence, that’s what I needed to do otherwise they wouldn’t respond,” said Freeman.

Karen Freeman filed a criminal complaint with the Texas Rangers after she was allegedly pulled over by Constable Eagleton for having a primary runoff candidate’s campaign sticker on her car. She says Constable Eagleton, “explained that I need to remove the sticker, that it impeded my vision. I told him, ‘That’s oppression of office, man, you taking that off of my car.’ He just kind of shrugged his shoulders, smiled, got back in his car, and left.”

Another complaint of oppression against Eagleton comes from a law enforcement officer. A Harris County undercover deputy built a billboard supporting Eagleton’s opponent, Ken Jones, on private property. When he found signs for Eagleton’s campaign, he removed them. Phone records then show Constable Eagleton calling the deputy repeatedly, telling him, “you just wait and see what I’m going to do to you.”

Dolcefino Consulting has reached out to Constable Sherman Eagleton and Precinct 3 for comment, and they have not returned our request.

Constable Sherman Eagleton will face former constable Ken Jones in the Precinct 3 runoff election scheduled for July 14, 2020. Early voting for the race starts June 29, 2020.

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