Commissioner Ellis Hit with Criminal Complaint

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Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis has been hit with a criminal complaint by the Houston-based investigative media firm Dolcefino Consulting.

Ellis has refused to turn over phone records detailing his government phone calls. That is against the law.

Ellis says he doesn’t even have records of the phone calls. The County Attorney’s Office represents the Commissioner and they claim, “Our office has been advised that Commissioner Ellis is not in possession of and does not maintain phone logs”.

Ellis is already under investigation over the African art scandal in a Harris County warehouse. Dolcefino Consulting investigations have also shown his wife is helping control public housing project selections and city contracts. Ellis is also the architect of the bail reform that has led to countless murders robberies and assaults.

“Rodney Ellis and his wife are making millions off their government connections and we made a simple request to see who he is talking to and how that may affect the public’s business,” says Dolcefino. 

The Harris County District Attorney is supposed to investigate public corruption. That begins with enforcing the transparency laws that expose it. 

“District Attorney Kim Ogg simply refuses to do her job and the politicians are now refusing to follow the law knowing they will get away with it,” says Wayne Dolcefino, president of Dolcefino Consulting.

Commissioner Ellis is the latest local politician to use Ogg’s silence to ignore the law. Mayor Sylvester Turner is doing it too, and so is the Chairman of the Houston Housing Authority, LaRence Snowden.

Ellis ignored demands for the phone records but did release the text messages on his phone at the time of the request.

“If Kim Ogg won’t enforce the law, we will,” Dolcefino says.

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