Another Weekend and More Blood on Their Hands

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Two men were brutally stabbed with a machete in a Northwest Houston gas station parking lot this weekend.

It is yet another crime that Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg could have prevented.

Dolcefino Consulting research shows the suspect 48-year-old Johnny Faye Roberts is a career criminal with a history of aggravated assaults.

In May of 2018, Roberts was charged with his fourth aggravated assault – this time with a firearm. His first aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge came in 2005 when he threatened a man with a gun. In 2011, Roberts was convicted in his second aggravated assault with a deadly weapons case after an incident in which he stabbed a man so brutally that the knife finally broke after Roberts stabbed the victim once in the neck and twice in the torso. In 2017, Roberts threatened a member of his family with imminent bodily injury using a firearm.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s office reduced that charge – Roberts’ third aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge –  to deadly conduct which is a misdemeanor. Roberts was sentenced to just one year in the Harris County Jail.

The actions of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Kim Ogg left Johnny Faye Roberts, a violent career criminal, free to make his way through a Northwest Houston parking lot this weekend wielding a machete in a terrifying scene that will surely forever change the lives of the two men who were brutally attacked.

There is blood on Kim Ogg’s hands, and it is up to Harris County voters to put an end to this senseless and preventable violence in November.

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