It’s A Robe Not A Crown

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Texas State District Judge Chap Cain is forcing hundreds of defendants to take expensive polygraph tests and only one company is allowed to administer them.

An investigation by Dolcefino Consulting includes complaints from probationers they have to pay cash and get no receipts from polygraph company owner Jules Peterson.

“Hell no, I don’t want to talk to no damn Wayne Dolcefino.” That was the reaction of Peterson when we went to his home in Montgomery to comment.

In Chambers County, defendants in alcohol cases are forced to go to just one company, Precise Safety, for SCRAMs and interlock devices. Judge Cain told us there was no such judicial record, but we found it. It was a September 2018 order telling probations they had to switch the companies they were using.

“You’re the only Brooklyn liar here Wayne.” That was the judge’s reaction when we confronted him at the Liberty County Courthouse. Our response: “I like public officials who tell the truth.”

There are three district judges in the Liberty and Chambers County courts. The other two ordered a combines 29 polygraph tests in five years. Cain alone ordered 307.

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