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Fights against two dangerous garbage dumps can now be tracked on a brand-new website called

The new website grows out of our original investigation of the Georgia garbage company Green Group and the website

It has been a long fight.

The company failed to put a giant planned garbage dump along Highway 6 near Hempstead after citizens proved the engineering was faulty and now the company is also no longer part of a planned toxic waste dump in Laredo.

The only place where politicians caved to Green Group is in Caldwell County, where citizens are being left to wage the legal fight alone. There are developments, Green Group has now sold most of the rights to the permit to a brand-new company called Integrated Waste Solutions Group.

There is plenty to still investigate.

Despite claiming the dump was dangerous just three years ago, Caldwell County Commissioners have not done a thing to stop construction. A mound of dirt four stories tall can already be seen on Homannville Trail. County Judge Hoppy Haden now refuses to call the public hearing he claimed was such a good idea just months ago. Voters should be demanding transparency.

FEMA is set to rule next month on new flood maps which could kill the planned toxic dump site outside Laredo. Pescadito Environmental Resource Center wants a permit to bring in dangerous coal ash and waste from Mexico.

“People who live in both Webb County and Caldwell County deserve to know the latest and about the failed bureaucracy that allowed the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to hand out permits for these places,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. will keep you in the loop.

“I get calls from all over the country about the fight against these dumps,” Dolcefino said.

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