Houston Judge Punishes Ali Choudhri

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Controversial Houston real estate developer Ali Choudhri is finally getting punished for his legal antics.

164th District Judge Michael Landrum has ordered Choudhri’s company Jetall to pay more than $100,000 in punishment for his latest lawsuit, and more than half the money is for sanctions.

Jetall Companies, owned by Choudhri, had filed suit against the law firm Hoover Slovacek LLP. The firm had represented the owner of a title company Choudhri was suing. A jury took just 37 minutes for a verdict against the controversial Houston real estate developer and his company in that case. Choudhri had claimed the jury was scared of the COVID pandemic when they ruled so fast, but the judge didn’t buy it.

The final judgment by Judge Landrum mentions past “repugnant” behavior by Choudhri that led to court sanctions and said he, “brought this lawsuit for an improper purpose, which was to harass… and to cause opposing counsel to personally incur unnecessary expenses.”

“He uses our legal system and our courthouse to try and manipulate real estate deals. If anybody gets into business with him it’s like fair warning,” said Renee Davy in an interview with Dolcefino Consulting.

In addition to the $126,000 he now owes to the law firm with interest, Choudhri could make it worse by another $86,000 if he tries to appeal and loses.

The Houston-based investigative media firm Dolcefino Consulting has been investigating the growing legion of questionable real estate deals and civil lawsuits involving Choudhri.

“Judge Landrum sent a strong message,” said Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino. “Someone has to make this guy stop using the courthouse in this bizarre game to bleed his enemies in legal fees and constant litigation. Now when this guy shows up in court the judges all will know what he is up to. It will not work anymore. Perhaps he should use his money to pay the millions he reportedly owes to former business partners.”

Dolcefino Consulting has documented more than 36 attorneys used by Choudhri in his litigation war. In the week prior to the COVID closure of the courts, Choudhri was involved in lawsuits in three different Harris County courts.

As part of our investigation, Dolcefino Consulting has exposed Ali Choudhri’s business dealings on www.dolcefino.com and the Dolcefino Consulting page on Facebook.

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