New Criminal Complaints Filed In Kemah

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Dolcefino Consulting has filed new criminal complaints in our ongoing Kemah investigation, this time against City Councilman Doug Meisinger and former Mayor Matt Wiggins.

Once again public officials in the Galveston County town are simply ignoring state transparency laws.

The request to the Galveston County District Attorney for a criminal investigation comes after both men ignored a public information request sent to the local water board. Wiggins is the unelected president of WCID #12 and Doug Meisinger served as a director of WCID #12 and is now on Kemah City Council.

“Neither of these guys can claim ignorance of state law,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “We can prove that.”

City Attorney Dick Gregg wrote an email to all City of Kemah employees last January warning them that, “If you are communicating on any device or platform about the City of Kemah, then…those records are subject to the Public Information Act.”

Gregg went on to say that, “Failing to comply with this law has potential criminal consequences.”

This is not the first criminal complaint Dolcefino Consulting has filed against a Kemah official for refusing to turn over phone records. Dolcefino Consulting previously filed a criminal complaint against Mayor Terri Gale in December for refusing to turn over her public records detailing phone calls of City of Kemah business during the majority of 2020. Some of the phone records and text messages we sought were created in the final weeks before the November water board and city council elections.

Wiggins and Meisinger have even ignored the requests of WCID’s own lawyer asking for the records. Mayor Gale also ignored repeated requests from the City Secretary for her records to be produced.

“We won’t allow any public servant in Kemah or anywhere else to break the law,” Dolcefino said. “The public has a right to know how city business is conducted and public servants don’t get to hide that information from them.”

All three complaints have been sent to the Galveston County District Attorney Jack Roady.

“If the Galveston County DA cares about the public right to know he will take these cases to the grand jury,” Dolcefino said. “I am prepared to testify to the grand jury.”

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