A Throne Of Lies In Utah

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The Utah mother at the center of a high-profile multi-state divorce case is now claiming a web site fighting parental alienation and brainwashing in the legal fight should be ordered removed from the web by a judge.

Attorneys for Suzanne Ron have asked the Utah courts to order the removal of FightforAdam.com, calling the site “inflammatory, inappropriate, and harmful.” 

Houston real estate developer Avi Ron hasn’t seen his son in more than four years. Suzanne hasn’t allowed any visitation in almost four years, and courts in Texas took so long to consider visitation Ron moved the case to Utah.

Bart Johnson, Suzanne’s attorney in Utah, claims the site “serves only to inflame an already incendiary litigation.” The divorce case has lasted nearly six years and spanned over Texas and Utah. Suzanne’s latest filing states the website contains libelous claims even though supporting court documents are linked throughout.  

“Clearly Suzanne Ron is more concerned with the damage the site is doing to expose her conduct than with working to give this father his fundamental parental rights,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of the Houston based investigative media consulting firm investigating family courts across the country. “This case is one that fathers across America should be watching. This is our website, and we have no intention of taking it down.”

Avi Ron wants Judge Robert Lunnen in Utah to rule on the custody situation that is keeping his son from him.

“I just want a fair hearing with a judge, any judge, so I can explain my case to them,” said Avi Ron. 

 See the evidence for yourself at FightforAdam.com. No date yet for the court hearing in Utah.

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