Family Injustice Investigation Bears Fruit

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The Dolcefino Consulting Family Injustice Investigation has been ongoing since 2017 and continues to expose corruption in family courts.

The latest round of campaign finance reports from Harris County family court judges shows a shocking drop in political contributions from lawyers practicing in their courts thanks to a family injustice investigation.

Since Dolcefino Consulting began our family injustice investigation the political donations have dropped over 90%. Dolcefino Consulting began investigating injustice in the Harris county family courts in 2017. The investigation revealed Harris county judges regularly took contributions from lawyers with cases in their courts. The latest round of campaign finance reports filed for January 2020 show only one of the ten judges even took campaign money. That’s a stark contrast to the nine judges that accepted campaign cash in 2017.

Campaign records show the year we started our investigation family court judges accepted over a million dollars in campaign contributions. In 2017 those nine family court judges collected a total of $1,022,525 in campaign cash. The highest donations were made by lawyers and their firms. Judge campaign records for 2020 show a drop in contributions by 95%.

Last year the sitting family court judges accepted just $54,956 in donations. Most of that campaign cash was donated by infamous Houston attorney Bobby King Newman and his firm to one judge– Julia Maldonado.

“Its clear family court judges are aware of our investigation and they should be,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “We will continue to expose family injustice corruption in the Texas court systems and fight to ensure campaign donations aren’t used to sway judges.”

The ongoing family injustice investigation into the Harris County courts and the latest campaign finance reports can be followed on Dolcefino Consulting’s website at or on our Facebook page.

The Family Injustice Investigation

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