Second Annual Dolcefino Crybaby Award

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Colony Ridge Developer Trey Harris is Dolcefino Consulting's Crybaby of the Year.

Dolcefino Consulting likes to recognize the biggest crybabies that we encounter in our fight for truth and justice.

Last year it was Ronny Wall, Senior Associate General Counsel for Texas Tech University. He received the award for whining about Dolcefino Consulting requests for public records proving that the school lied to football fans about the firing of former Coach Mike Leach.

This year’s recipient is somehow an even bigger whiner. 

Drum roll please! 

The winner of the second annual Dolcefino Consulting Crybaby Award is from Huntsville, Texas and is the President of Colony Ridge Development LLC – Trey Harris. 

Colony Ridge is blamed for drainage problems, destruction of roads, and traffic jams in the little town of Plum Grove, Texas. Instead of paying to fix what they have damaged, Harris has now sued the members of the small-town city council for hiring Dolcefino Consulting to help.

The city council’s decision to hire Dolcefino Consulting, the lawsuit reads, “was not taken with the public’s best interest in mind.”


“This lawsuit is retaliation plain and simple,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Apparently Mr. Harris isn’t used to someone fighting back. We are not influenced by all the campaign money he doles out to the politicians or his family’s threats to beat me up. Stop being a crybaby.”

The Lawsuit


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