A Call For Civility In Kemah?

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Kemah mayoral candidate Carl Joiner may be asking the impossible. The former mayor of the town along Galveston Bay has now formally called on all candidates in the upcoming election to stop the personal attacks and name calling which is dominating local social media pages.

“I have two kids, and nine grandkids and one great-granddaughter and it hurts them to see that kind of stuff. But these people out there, they don’t care. They’ll do anything to destroy you. Kemah politics right now is over the top,” said Carl Joiner. “I’m promising Wayne, right now, that if you see me on social media… I’m done and I’m hoping they’ll be done.”

Joiner admits personal attacks during the last several months of his time as Mayor in 2019 got under his skin.

“You all wonder why our reputation is damaged. You’re doing it. We’re all doing it. So I’m guilty. I fought back,” Joiner said.

Joiner was the only mayoral candidate who accepted our offer for an unedited video interview with Dolcefino Consulting about the upcoming mayoral election.

Incumbent Terri Gale and water board president Matt Wiggins are the other two candidates.

Some of the social media pages have been negative about Joiner and have posted personal attacks.

“We have been investigating the City of Kemah for more than a year, and it is pretty clear most folks are exhausted by what I describe as the kindergarten nastiness,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Let’s see how long the politicians and their henchmen can stick to issues rather than the gutter.”

Election day in Kemah is May 1, 2021.

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