Accused Charity Official Jerry Tarnopol Doesn’t Like Investigation

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The Houston charity official accused of assaulting a major donor is now launching his own investigation… of us. Good luck with that.

Houston Hebrew Free Loan Association board member Jerry Tarnopol has subpoenaed records of Dolcefino Consulting to find out who hired us to expose the financial irregularities we exposed.

It was Tarnopol caught on tape in 2019 berating the guy who had donated $70,000 in his mom’s memory, but wanted the money back after becoming suspicious of the way the money was being spent.

You heard it here first…

“Why would anyone want to give money to a charity that allows that kind of language to be used against a donor who was simply trying to help Houston Jews get financial help in a crisis,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “We will fight vigorously any attempt to stall our hunger for answers after seeing their tax returns, and if they want transparency they would have opened up their books in the first place, because it is a charity.”

Tarnopol was later promoted by the charity to Vice President of the HFLA. The charity later voted to use DONOR money to protect Tarnopol from the assault lawsuit filed against him after that taped incident.

HFLA is also apparently now using donor funds in a PR campaign to try to convince Houstonians to ignore our Charity Secrets Investigation. Tarnopol is the Executive Vice President of the Community Bank of Texas.

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