Galena Park’s COVID Cover-Up

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For Immediate Release

August 4, 2021

Galena Park Mayor Esmeralda Moya is using the COVID pandemic to break the law.

For the second time, the Mayor muted a member of the Galena Park City Council, Commissioner Maricela Serna, to keep her from speaking during the audio only meeting of the Galena Park City Council.

Galena Park City Commissioner Maricela Serna took to Facebook overnight to show the proof:

We understand exactly how it feels.

The Galena Park City Council has twice muted our President Wayne Dolcefino to keep him from speaking in public session over the flagrant violations of Texas law.  Galena Park has refused to turn over financial records after Dolcefino Consulting showed the city had fallen behind $700,000 in water payments to the City of Houston.

“I have warned the Mayor that we will file a lawsuit to preserve the right of all citizens to address government,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “The warnings have ended and when Galena Park taxpayers get the legal bills, they will have only one person to blame. Mayor Moya should resign, or we will pursue all legal remedies to get her out of office. To use this pandemic to stifle public debate is an outrage.”

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