News Release: Powerful Houston Law Firm Let Off The Hook After Ethics Violation

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September 30, 2021

Bracewell, one of the most prominent law firms in Texas, has been caught lying to protect a key player in an Austin real estate fraud battle.

Real estate developer Justin Bayne has been avoiding his sworn testimony for weeks, claiming he is too sick to be deposed. His lawyer at Bracewell law firm said his client was bedridden and even accused lawyers on the other side of being insensitive towards the situation.

“As I told you… He is in extreme pain… on serious medication and in need of surgery,” Attorney Chris Dodson said in an email obtained by Dolcefino Consulting.

However, what Bayne and his lawyers at Bracewell didn’t know is Bayne had been under surveillance. Video footage shows Bayne strolling around Austin seemingly pain free—even enjoying dinner at a restaurant with his wife and friends.

When opposing counsel took these videos to Federal Judge Tony Davis, they expected Bayne and his lawyers to be reprimanded and fined.

Instead, Davis let Bracewell of the hook, reigniting questions about the Judge’s possible bias in the case.

The judge and Bracewell law firm were accused of collusion last year in a separate real estate battle that Bayne is also a key player in—a battle that involves the controversial foreclosures of tens of millions of dollars in Austin real estate.

Real estate mogul Nate Paul claims several of his properties have been wrongfully forced to foreclose by these noteholders, and he reported to authorities a recorded phone call of Bryan Hardeman where Hardeman claimed Judge Davis’ relationship with a partner at the Bracewell law firm representing Hardeman’s entity would cause the judge to side with him.

Dolcefino Consulting has been investigating whether COVID bailout money sent to two Austin car dealerships was used to buy a loan on a pricey piece of Austin real estate, The Capital Grille building, two weeks later by Bayne’s company.

The investigation by Dolcefino Consulting into these controversial Austin real estate deals are available on and Dolcefino Consulting on Facebook.

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